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Sunday 11 June 2017 - Auteuil - Gr3


The beautiful Tunis (Estejo) is well and truly the leader of his generation. He confirmed it on Sunday by winning easily the Prix Aguado (Gr3). Always there, he took the best out of his rivals in the last turn before flying towards a clear success on the flat. The Guillaume Macaire trained horse passes the post cherished by his jockey. Ridden more offensively than in the Prix Stanley (L), Échiquier Royal (Martaline) took a clear second place, two lengths from Tunis. In third place, six lengths behind, we find Master Dino (Doctor Dino), who could not follow the acceleration of the two first ones.

Tunis crowned best 3yo of the Spring. Tunis had just well won the Prix Stanley (L), but he wins even more easily in this Prix Aguado. Good jumper, he holds the distance but, overall, he had such class on the flat that makes the difference. The last meters of the Pierre Goral, Palmyr Racing, Anne-Sophie and Daniel Allard owned horse are very decisive. It will be interested to see him again in the Autumn with new 3yos against him, and especially against a colt like Envoyé Spécial (Coastal Path). Co-owner of Tunis, Pierre Goral said: “He is a very nice horse and he was not gelded. Today, it is even better than last time and Guillaume Macaire told me he had progressed. Tunis is a left-handed horse, he came easily in the middle of the track. Now, he will go on holidays. We will give him some Polish vodka (laughs)! In the Autumn, he will race in Groups, aiming for the Prix Cambacérès.”

Lets’ remind ourselves that Tunis has a particular story, since he was bought in Poland after winning at 2yos over 1,600m. Daniel Allard and Guillaume Macaire were there for an auction sale. The day before the sale, the racecourse welcomed flat races. Amongst the winners of the Polish race day, there was Tunis, who had stroke the French in his canter. The colt was part of the sale catalogue the day after… So, they bought him.

Master Dino to be seen again in the Autumn. Master Dino had finished second of the Prix Stanley. On Sunday, this horse, trained by Guillaume Macaire, finished a step below, in third position. He has some action but not enough class on the flat to equal Tunis and should, in the future, be better on softer and longer grounds…And even the steeple. Manager of Simon Munir, co-owner of Master Dino, David Powell told us: “Master Dino runs well but he needs to gain in maturity and get stronger.”

It is not a first. In 1999, Kiejstut (Who Knows), born in Poland, had won the Prix Fifrelet (Listed handicap) by twenty lenghts under Jean Lesbordes’s training. Hajra, a horse that Georges Sandor had imported from Hungary, had won several times at Auteuil in the 1970s.


2E · 14H35 > PRIX AGUADO

Gr3 – Haies – Mâles et hongres – 130.000€ – 3.500m

Pour poulains entiers et hongres de 3 ans. Poids : 65 kg. Surcharges accumulées jusqu’à concurrence de 4 kg. pour les sommes reçues en courses de haies (victoires et places) : 1 kg par 22.000 €.

1er          TUNIS (68) M3

(Estejo & Tracja)

Propriétaire : P. Goral / AS&D Allard / Palmyr Racing


Entraîneur : G. Macaire

Jockey : K. Nabet

2e            ECHIQUIER ROYAL (67) H3

(Martaline & Jouable)

Propriétaire : Mme P. Papot

Éleveur : X. Leredde / D. Desforges

Entraîneur : D. Bressou

Jockey : J. Ricou

3e            MASTER DINO (68) H3

(Doctor Dino & Mind Master)

Propriétaire : S. Munir / I. Souede / AS1D Allard / Palmyr Racing / J. Bisson / F. Champion

Éleveur : G.A.E.C.La Séguegne / J.M. Campos

Entraîneur : G. Macaire

Jockey : J. Reveley

Autre(s) partant(s) dans l’ordre d’arrivée : Hell Boy, Calotin, Cesare Di Roma, Brutus du Rheu.

Tous couru (7).

(Turf) Souple. 4’05″74. Ecarts : 2 – 6 – 3.





(Grey colt 2014)
(Bay 2004)
Johan Cruyff (GB)
(Bay 1994)
Danehill (USA)
Teslemi (USA)
Este (GER)
(Chesnut 1988)
The Noble Player (USA)
Llandaff (USA)
(Chesnut 1990)
Lyphard (USA)
Dahlia (USA)


5Sx6Sx5Sx4D Northern Dancer, 6Sx6Sx5D Nearctic, 6Sx6Sx6Sx5D Natalma, 6Sx6S Flaming Page, 6Dx6D Nearco


Last 5 starts

21/05/2017 1st PRIX STANLEY Auteuil 17f 110y £34,872
29/04/2017 3rd PRIX GO AHEAD Auteuil 15f £7,179
29/03/2017 1st PRIX DES BENJAMINS Compiegne 16f £20,513
06/03/2017 2nd PRIX D’ESSAI DES POULAINS Compiegne 16f £10,667


TUNIS (POL), won 2 races over jumps (16f.-17f.) in France at 3 years, 2017 and £73,231 including Prix Stanley Hurdle, Auteuil, L. and placed twice, all his starts.

1st Dam

TRACJA (POL) (2003 f. by Llandaff (USA)), unraced; dam of 1 winner:. TUNIS (POL), see above.


Successful Cross Analysis – Group/Listed race performers

ESTEJO (GER) bred to daughters of LLANDAFF (USA) has produced TUNIS (POL) (2014 c.L.w FR).

Sire Reference – Race Record

ESTEJO (GER) 2004 bay by Johan Cruyff (GB) out of Este (GER) by The Noble Player (USA).
Won 10 races in Italy, £388,943 and placed 11 times.
Won P.Presidente della Repubblica-GBI Racing, Rome, Gr.1, (2011)
Won Premio Roma At the Races, Rome, Gr.1, (2008)
Won Premio del Piazzale-Mem. Enrico Camici, Milan, L., (2010)
Won Gran Premio d’Italia, Milan, L., (2007)
2nd Premio Ambrosiano, Milan, Gr.3, (2010)
2nd Premio Ambrosiano, Milan, Gr.3, (2011)
2nd Premio Ambrosiano, Milan, Gr.3, (2012)
2nd Premio UNIRE, Naples, L., (2010)
3rd Premio Roma GBI Racing-Tris Internaz., Rome, Gr.1, (2010)
Retired to Stud in 0000.

Sire Reference – Best Progeny

ESTEJO (GER) is the sire of TUNIS (POL) (2014 c., dam by Llandaff (USA), Prix Stanley Hurdle, L.)

Sire Statistics
ESTEJO (GER). 1 crop of racing age.
No known runners on the Flat in current or previous season.
No known runners over Jumps in current or previous season.

Sire Reference – Sales Averages

No sales results found


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Date de création : 2016

Haies - 3500 m - Auteuil - Gr3 - Pour poulains mâles et hongres de 3 ans

Un peu d'histoire :

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2018 First PORTO POLLO
Gender and age : Gelding 3 YOS - Weight : 66kg
Origins : MANDURO and Silky Steps, by Nayef
Owner : Antoine BARDINI
Breeder : Arnaud COURSIN / Joël SOUCHARD / Pierre SOUCHARD
Trainer : François NICOLLE
Jockey : David GALLON
Winner time : 4' 08" 17
Second PIC D'ORHY Starters : 7
Third BEAUMEC DE HOUELLE Field : très souple
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2017 First TUNIS
Gender and age : Male 3 YOS - Weight : 68,5kg
Origins : ESTEJO and Tracja, by Llandaff
Trainer : Guillaume MACAIRE
Jockey : Kevin NABET
Winner time : 4' 05" 74
Second ECHIQUIER ROYAL Starters : 7
Third MASTER DINO Field : très souple
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2016 First KALIFKO
Gender and age : Gelding 3 YOS - Weight : 66kg
Origins : Montmartre and Kakira, by Cadoudal
Owner : Mme Patrick PAPOT
Breeder : Haras des COUDRAIES
Trainer : Dominique BRESSOU
Jockey : Morgan REGAIRAZ
Winner time : 4' 21" 80
Second ON THE GO Starters : 7
Third LIBERATORE Field : souple